ST31000524AS 9YP15G-303 JC45 100574451 REV B 3.5'' SATA 1TB Seagate circuit board +FW

ST31000524AS 9YP15G-303 JC45  100574451 REV B 3.5'' SATA 1TB Seagate  circuit board +FW
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Need BIOS Swap?: 

Product Description

ST31000524AS 9YP15G-303 JC45  100574451 REV B 3.5'' SATA 1TB Seagate  circuit board +FW

Hard Drive Circuit Board for Data Recovery

This PCB (circuit board,donor board,controller board) is intended for individuals attempting data recovery on their hard drive. It comes with a fully tested PCB and a full set of instructions.This item is intended for you to diagnose if your hard drive has a circuit board problem, and if it does, recover your valuable data.if your hard drive is mechanical issue, please check our Data Recovery Service

Compatibility info:

Model : ST31000524AS
Board Number: 100574451 REV B

1. As long as your Board Number is 100574451 REV B , our board is same as yours in hardware
2. For this model hard drive(even identical from outside),every PCB BIOS IC is different from each other. The BIOS IC swap is a MUST !!!
3. We can help you to Find a Donor Board

Free BIOS IC Swap Service
  • You should swap the BIOS IC before you swap the PCB, in order to make the replacement board compatible with your Hard Drive.
  • We swap the BIOS IC for our clients for free, but we need you to ship your board to us.
  • If you want to swap the BIOS IC by yourself
  • please email us to let us know, otherwise we will wait for your board to come to us.
  • Procedure
    1. Find the matched board
    2. buy the board, Fill the Form and ship your board to us(clients pay the shipping fee to us)
    3. we swap the BIOS IC, and ship back to you(we offer free shipping to clients)
    4. If you do not want us to swap the BIOS IC, we ship the donor board to you.
    5. customs declare as: bad hard drive board for repair, value:$5.00

    When to Buy This Item?
  • You are very positive the PCB is dead
  • No power, No Spin, No Sound.
  • Burning smell.
  • PCB is extremely hot.(when you touch the board , please be very careful)
  • Power surge. Connect the hard drive case to wrong power supply.
  • Hard drive makes Clicking sound,never stop (Clicking and stop may not be board issue)
  • There is obvious damage on the PCB board
  • The hard drive does not spin up (the hard drive never fell or was shaken),either no sound or can hear a quiet tickling sound
  • If the hard drive simply can't be detected or if it is clicking then it could be a circuit board problem, but it could easily be internal damage as well. It is often a gamble in this case. please check our Data Recovery Service

  • Please note that this item can fix drives with ONLY circuit board problems. Some drives have internal damages that can't be detected easily. Please do NOT attempt to open the drive without a clean room. There is no return policy for this item.

    Note: Before purchasing, please read:
    1. This is just a PCB (Printed Circuit Boards), not the whole Hard Drive;
    2. It is used as data recovery/repair issues, there is no refund/exchange policy;
    3. It is a buyer responsibility to know if the board is adequate for his hard drive model;
    4. Hard drive failures are NOT always caused by PCB failure. We cannot guarantee your
    drive to be repaired by replacing the PCB;

    Free Worldwide Shipping
    Our Clients enjoy FREE shipping(from us to clients), Item will be shipped by Canada Post Light Packet (air mail).