Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery Service
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Regular price: US$500.00
Sale price: US$350.00
Replacement Drive Options:  Return Original Drive?: 

Product Description


Data Recovery Price $350
Parts costs (for disk head replacements) At cost
Replacement drive options:  
Digital upload (2TB) through OneDrive Free
User provided drive Free
USB stick (64GB) $20
2.5'' 1TB USB drive $60
2.5'' 2TB USB drive $79
Return Original Hard drive?  
Yes $35
No $0
Return Shipping Cost (if applicable), hard drive no free shipping  
Canada $15
United States $23
Europe $35

Data Recovery Form you can print the form and ship the Form and your hard drive together to us
if your hard drive has one of the following symptoms :
1. Hard drive click and stop
2. Started clicking awhile ago, now it's finally dead
3. Hard drive spins up fine, but is not recognized in device manager or in BIOS. Hard drive recognized with default manufacturer value (like 0GB capacity, wrong SN or Model).
4. Hard drive can see by Device Manger
5. Extremely slow reading
6. Hard drive, after some time disappears from Device Manager and from the system. May also be running very hot.
7. Hard drive has smart errors
8. The computer can see the file, but cannot copy the file.
9. The computer can see the hard drive, but the size is wrong
10. The hard drive does not spin but make "beeping sound"
11. If the hard drive failure is because of Falling to the floor, most likely the PCB board is ok, but the disk assembly is damaged.
12. Seagate 7200.11-12 firmware brick problem: spin nicely, but No see in BIOS. Disk size shown as 0 MB.
most likely it's not board issue, please don't try to open the hard drive that may lost the chance to recover your data
Our Data Recovery process is simple
Depending on your needs and budget, we can recover your data in as little as 24 hours.
Evaluating Your Drive
Once we receive your hard drive it will be logged into our system & queued for evaluation by one of our data recovery technicians. We will provide you with our initial diagnosis, total recovery cost and estimated completion date within one business day of receiving your hard drive (two business days for Clean Room evaluation).
Recovering Your Data
Upon receiving your approval to proceed, we work on your hard drive, and re-queued for the actual recovery procedures. If you have requested expedited service, after the evaluation, your hard drive will circumvent the recovery queue & become "next in line" for recovery.
Data Security
Keeping your data secure is a very high priority for us. For major corporations we have signed many non-disclosure agreements. With or without an agreement, we treat your data with the utmost security.
Returning Your Data
If your hard drive is repairable, and in our opinion will stay repaired, we will return your data on your repaired drive. If it is determined that your drive cannot be repaired, we can return your recovered data in a variety of ways, including copying it to a new hard drive or a USB Drive.
No Data No Charge
If we can recover data for you , we charge data recovery service fee + shipping
If we canít recover data for you , no charge, if you want hard drive back you pay return shipping fee
How it works:
Fill the Form and Print the form and ship the Form and your hard drive together to us