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We try our best to reach our goal:

         1      As long as clients found our website, they found the correct donor PCB board:

We stock almost all kinds of hard drive PCB board!

         2.       Provide the best service in the world for our clients:

Free PCB board firmware transfer service ($35.00 -$75.00 value)

Free world wide shipping and handling ($10 $20 value)


Swapping the PCB board is the easiest, fastest, and cost effective way to rescue a hard drive.

As long as the PCB board is the problem, swapping the board is definitely the go to solution.

The two most important things in hard drive PCB board swapping are:

      1.       Where to find a correct donor PCB board

If you are reading here, probably you already found the correct donor board for your dear hard drive. Because we are the hard drive PCB board provider! We carry all the brand name hard dive PCB boards: Seagate, WD, Hitachi, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Maxtor. We have the very latest model and the oldest.  Simply input the model number of the hard drive and PCB board number, you very likely can find the correct donor board. If there are any questions, you may take pictures of your hard drive and the PCB board, we can help you to find the donor board for your hard drive.

      2.       How to do the PCB board firmware transfer(FREE)

Hard drive PCB board firmware is the data and micro instructions reside in the PCB board.

For most hard drive PCB boards, we need to transfer this PCB board firmware from the original (bad) board to the good donor board. We call this process as PCB board firmware transfer.

The PCB board firmware transfer involves in SMD chip de-soldering and soldering. It is a pretty much technical thing. But fortunately for our clients, we offer the PCB board firmware transfer for our clients for FREE.  All our clients have to do is to ship their PCB board to us. It is easy, isn't it? Wow! Hard drive data recovery became just shipping a PCB board! If you are a tech as well and willing to do the PCB board firmware by yourself, we will ship the donor board to you with the instructions.

In our tutorial section (Home page second item.), we have videos and slideshow to demonstrate the whole process of how to swap the hard drive PCB board.

3. Sending us the photo, we will help you out!

By reading the photos of hard drive and the PCB board, we can answer most of the questions from clients:

1. I cannot find a matching PCB board for my hard drive.

2. I am not sure if this is the correct one.

3. Does my PCB board need BIOS IC swap (firmware transfer)?

4. Is my hard drive board swappable with another hard drive board?

5. Can my board be fixed?

6. is my burned board's firmware readable?


1. Take photo of the hard drive and the PCB board

2. Email the photos to:

3. We will give you the best solution