Seagate Firmware brick Fix Kit

Seagate Firmware brick Fix Kit
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Seagate Firmware Fix Kit

This device will help you to fix LBA or BSY error on Seagate hard drive.
There are two common errors on Seagate 7200.11, 5400.4 ,ES.2 and DiamondMax 22 hard drive,some 7200.12 hard drives have the same problem(caused by bugs on firmware):
- 0 LBA error: it happens when your BIOS can recognize your HDD at POST moment, but as an 0MB drive.
- BSY error: it happens when your HDD enter on a halt state, or Busy state. In this condition, your HDD will not be recognized by BIOS at POST moment.

Video tutorial: firmware fix kit video

1. Special Design: Seagate RS232 female connector(we are the only provider)

We designed the Seagate RS232 female connector. AS seen in the picture.
This special RS232 connector makes the connection to the RS232 port of the Hard Drive easy and safe.
Wrong connection may make the data recovery work more difficult, and even kill the Hard Drive!

the following Model seagate Hard Drives most likely have the firmware bug problem.

SR1560SFHS,ST1500341AS,ST31000333A8,ST31000333AS,ST31000340AS,ST31000340NS, ST31000342AS,ST31000640AS,ST3100340AS,ST31500340AS,ST31500341A8, ST3160813AS,ST32000540AS,ST3250310NS,ST3320613AS,ST3320813AS,ST3500320AS, ST3500320NS,ST3500620AS,ST3500820AS,ST3640323AS,ST3640330AS,ST3640623AS, ST3640630AS,ST3750330AS,ST3750330NS,ST3750630AS,ST6500620ST,STM3500320AS, STS31000333AS

2. USB to RS232 converter for Win/vista/7/10

3. Seagate PCB board screw driver is included

We provide Seagate PCB board screw driver, which is used to take off or put back the PCB board of Seagate Hard Drive.


WOW man you are great! All successful !
I have my all photos and videos recovered now and all data is here ! so cool ! 
Thank you very very much !!!

Anthony Sevrouk

Thanks for the link. I had all the hardware laying around already, and just followed the instructions given in a follow on link. THey were clear and accurate. I had successfully revocered my drive with no data loss. I really appreciate the help, and thanks again.


To HDD Parts Team,
I got the board yesterday (Thursday, February 2), a few minutes ago I finished Drive Recovery (Fix the BSY error), and now I transfer my data. Everything worked perfect. I really want to thank you for your patience (I had so many questions), your help and your excellent service.

Best regards,

Stamatis Tachliabouris
IT Engineer

Thanks Sean. Received it and it worked beautifuly.