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Our hard drive data recovery quotation: Diagnosis fee: $75.00. No refund for diagnosis fee.(removed for our customers) If hard drive is recoverable, the Data Recovery fee: $350.00 - $500.00. No data, no charge! How it works: 1. Ship your Hard Drive to us: DataPro # 528 -- 15216 North Bluff Road White Rock BC V4B 0A7 Canada Tel: 1-888-688-5588 when you ship the hard drive to us,the post office may ask you to fill the customs form, please declare your damaged hard drive value at $10 USD or you will have to pay customs fees

2. We diagnose the problem, and contact you with the result of the diagnosis 3. Under your permission, we recover your data 4. Return the recovered data back to you. DaataPro Data recovery Lab