Maxtor Diamondmax 10 250GB 6L250M0 BANC1E50 040121300 SATA 6L250MO PCB Circuit Board

Maxtor Diamondmax 10 250GB  6L250M0 BANC1E50 040121300 SATA 6L250MO PCB Circuit Board
Item# 20130908

Product Description

Maxtor Diamondmax 10 250GB  6L250M0 BANC1E50 040121300 SATA 6L250MO PCB Circuit Board

Hard Drive Circuit Board for Data Recovery

This PCB (circuit board) is intended for individuals attempting data recovery on their hard drive. It comes with a fully tested PCB, a Torx screwdriver, and a full set of instructions.
This item is intended for you to diagnose if your hard drive has a circuit board problem, and if it does, recover your valuable data.


Compatibility Information

Please match ALL specifications listed below

PCB board for MAXTOR DiamondMax 10 HDD

Code : BANC1E50
Model : 6L250M0

Main Controller IC: 040118900 or 040121300 (Located on the largest square chip on the circuit board)

Please match the Model, Code, and Main Controller IC of your hard drive with the information listed above.

If this item is not a match, please email us at or try our ONLINE GUIDE

Please note that this item is for the circuit board only, not the entire hard drive.


After recovery your data,you can return the board back to us,we will refund $20 to you

When to Buy This Item?

  1. You are very positive the PCB is dead
  2. There is obvious damage on the PCB board
  3. The hard drive does not spin (the hard drive never fell or was shaken)
  4. If the hard drive simply can't be detected, or if it is clicking, then it could be a circuit board problem, but it could easily be internal damage as well. It is often a gamble in this case.
  5. if BIOS can see the hard drive, probably it's not board issue

Please note that this item can fix drives with ONLY circuit board problems. Some drives have internal damages that can't be detected easily. Please do NOT attempt to open the drive without a clean room. There is no return policy for this item.

Shipping Policy

Item will be shipped from Canada by CanadaPost Light Packet. Estimated delivery times are listed below. Please note that these times are estimates only.

Location Time Cost
United States 4-10 Business Days FREE
Canada 2-5 Business Days FREE
International 6-10 Business Days $0
Italy & Brazil 6-20 Business Days* $0

Delivery to Italy and Brazil usually takes 6-10 business days, but occasionally could take much longer in transit.


1. This is just an electronic board for this model Hard Drive.

2. All sales of PCB boards are final due to installation issues. There is no refund or exchange policy.

3. All boards are guaranteed to be tested OK before shipment.

4. It is a buyer responsibility to know if the board is adequate for his/her hard drive model.

5. We can only provide basic information on the compatibility issues.