Maxtor QuickView 6B300R0 TWO PCB Circuit Board

Maxtor QuickView 6B300R0 TWO PCB Circuit Board
Item# 20091136-2

Product Description

PCB board for Maxtor QuickView

Model: 6B300R0

Size: 300GB

Main Controller IC: BEAGLE D4-D4 O40116600 (the biggest chip on PCB side)

HDD Motor Combo IC: L7250E 1.2

We will ship two boards with different firmware,but only one of them is compatible with your drive.

You can try both of them, and then send the wrong one back to us. We will charge you for 1 board,

but if the second board is not returned after 30 days, we will have to charge you for second board as well..


1. This is just an electronic board for this model Hard Drive.

2. All sales of PCB boards are final due to installation issues, there is no refund or exchange policy

3. All boards are guaranteed to be tested OK before shipment

4. It is a buyer responsibility to know if the board is adequate for his/her hard drive model

5. We can only provide basic information on the compatibility issues