Hard Drive Circuit Board Repair

Hard Drive Circuit Board Repair
Item# 13080601

Product Description

Hard Drive Circuit Board Repair---Circuit without BIOS chip

    some model hard drives, the board cannot be exchanged with another board. One of the solutions to rescue the drive is to fix the original board.
    We fix hard drive board:
    diagnosis fee: $35.00
    labour: $35.00
    parts: free
    if not successful, we refund the $25.00 to client.


    1. ship your board to us: Fill the Form and ship your board to us(clients pay the shipping fee to us)
    2. pay $35+$35=$70.00 to diagnose and fix the board.
    3. we ship the fixed board to you.
    4. you test the board on your drive.
    5. if the drive works. it is perfect. All done !
    6. if the drive still does not work, we refund $25.00 back to you.
    note: two reasons to cause hard drive to fail:
    1. bad board(if your hard drive spins well, please don't ship the board to us, it's very hard to repair)
    2. bad drive