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PCB swap and firmware transferST5000DM000 1FK178-568 CC44  100721570 REV E 3.5'' SATA  Seagate  circuit board +FW
ST8000DM004 2CX188-568 0001 ST8OOODMOO4 100802503 REV A 3.5'' SATA  Seagate  circuit board +FW
ST2000LM007 1R8174-286 SDM2 ST2OOOLMOO7 100809471 REV A 2.5'' SATA  Seagate  circuit board +FW
WD10JMVW-11AJGS1 2060-771961-001 REV A 771961-001 AE 771961 WD10JMVW WDBTYH0010BBA -NESN 2.5'' USB circuit board replacement +FW
ST1000DM000 9TS15E-570 CC93 2006 G 100535704 REV B 3.5'' SATA  Seagate  circuit board +FW
WD10EURX-63UHWY0 2060-771698-004 REV A 2061-771698-T04 AA 771698 WD10EURX HANNNTJMAB 3.5'' SATA circuit board replacement +FW
HDS721010CLA632 0A72947 0A71256 0A90233 0F15013 JPT41B OA72947  OA90233 OA71256  3.5'' SATA Hitachi Circuit board +FW
HD103SI  BF41-00314A F4 S3M REV.03 R00   3.5'' SATA  SAMSUNG Circuit Board  +FW
HN-M500MBB HN-M500MBB BF41-00354A  BF41-00354A 00 W3 REV.3  2.5'' SATA M8_REV.03 R00 SAMSUNG Circuit Board  +FW
ST3000DM001 1CH166-501 CC24 1332 C 100687658 REV B 3.5'' SATA 3TB Seagate  circuit board +FW
ST9160314AS 9HH13C-036 D005DEM1 100536284 N 100536286 REV E 2.5'' SATA  Seagate  circuit board +FW
Any hard drive PCB board  with firmware transfer service
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB ST3320820AS 9BJ13G-505 3.AAD SU 07230 to 08xxx 100404226 PCB
Barracuda 7200.7 ST3120022A 9W2001-314 8.01 100282770 PCB Circuit Board
ST3500620AS 100466725 100468972   3.5'' SATA  Seagate  circuit board +FW
ST3000DM001 9YN166-302 CC4C TK 100664987 REV A 3.5'' SATA 3TB Seagate  circuit board +FW
ST31500340AS 100466824 100468979   3.5'' SATA  Seagate  circuit board +FW
Maxtor QuickView 6L250R0 BAJ41G20 040125100 PCB Circuit Board
WD2500JS WD2500JS-60MHB5 WD2500JS-60MH85 2061 1335 250GB  SATA PCB Circuit Board with firmware transfer
ST4000DM000 1F2168-568 CC51 3164 K 100710248 REV B 3.5'' SATA 4 TB Seagate  circuit board +FW
ST2000DL003 9VT166-515 CC45 SU 100617465 REV B 3.5'' SATA 2TB Seagate Barracuda Green circuit board +FW
WD2002FYPS-02W3B1 2060-771642-003 REV A 2061-771642-W03 AE 771642 WD2002FYPS  3.5'' SATA circuit board replacement +FW

Reasons to shop from us!

Brayden Hade has made a comment: Ive swapped several times and for me it has always worked. I feel like there is a lot of misinformation against this practice out there because data restoration companies fear loosing customers to this practice. I've done it three times with no problems and 100% success so far.

Hope for "clicking" hard drives

"Clicking" hard drive's another name is "clicking- death" hard drive. In another words, this kind of hard drives are inaccessible, so people call them "dead hard drive". But don't give up, We bring hope to "clicking" damage hard drives. With our proprietary technology, we can recover data even from the "clicking" damage hard drives. Do not give up your Hope:

1. scan the front side of your hard drive and both sides of the circuit board and send us the photos. If you cannot take off the circuit board, one photo of the pcb is fine.
2. email us the photos to: info@hdd-parts.com
3. we email you back with our recommendation or the best solutuion to you

How people say about us::

Hard Drive-Parts,
You have made me one happy lady!!!!! I was told my hard drive had the "click of death" and was non-repairable. In your very capable hands you have given me back decades of irreplacable pictures and I have learned to save pictures in several locations.
Please transfer the pictures to a new hard drive, $538 is a very reasonable price to pay for your expertise.
Thank you! Thank you!!
Heather , KS 66503 USA

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!...  I received the cloned PCB, installed it and was able to start my client's hard drive and recover all their data. Once again... Thank you for the great service! John B.Eng.

pcb arrived, hd is alive! best service! ROBETO MONTCELLI

Thankyou so much for your support and assistance. I will highly recommend your company to others. With Kind regards Brigite Mclchlan

The PC Board worked perfectly, had some doubts... not anymore. Thanks a million. Best regards, Joe

Thank you I received the board and it worked. regards A. Daly

Hello. At last yesterday I received the duplicate PCB. I've installed it and the HDD lives again ! Thanks a lot. M.Alarez

Thank you for my files!  I received my new hard drive yesterday and am just thrilled.  Now that I have it, would you please send me my old hard drive.  Sincerely, Heather Egger

Hello, I have received the new board a day ago and was able to recover all my data!!Thank you very much!! You have saved my (digital-) live :-)Best regards, Andreas John

Thanks for the link. I had all the hardware laying around already, and just followed the instructions given in a follow on link. THey were clear and accurate. I had successfully revocered my drive with no data loss. I really appreciate the help, and thanks again.Derek

Hello, I would like to let you know I received the board you sent out and was a success getting my HDD up and running. Thank you so much for your patience and expertise in this matter. The data saved was sentimental and my family is very grateful for your help. I wish you all the best, Lev Devinee

I am ecstatic to report that the new PCB board revived the dead hard drive, and I can get to all my documents and photos. I was using Mozy online backup but learned during this session they didn't have nearly all my files. Thanks for your help getting the new board to me quickly. And, mainly, for being there in time of crisis! Jimmy Joe Baytown, Texas

I got the board yesterday (Thursday, February 2), a few minutes ago I finished Drive Recovery (Fix the BSY error), and now I transfer my data. Everything worked perfect.I really want to thank you for your patience (I had so many questions), your help and your excellent service.Best regards,  Stamat IT Engineer

I have received the circuit board yesterday and it is perfect working order. Thanks. Apart from the long wait I am pleased with service. I will recommend your company to anyone who may have similar problems with their hard drive, Thanks, Pitt GREAT BRITAIN

I wanted to send a brief note of thanks and appreciation. I found your service online and ordered a replacement PCB for a drive that had experienced a power surge. I knew the drive itself was still good but that the PCB and power connections had been shorted (I could smell smoke). You filled my order quickly and I received it in just a few days. You were kind enough to include the mini Torx driver so I could complete the repair immediately and did not need to go out and purchase another tool.I installed the PCB easily and quickly and got my drive up and running in a matter of a couple minutes. Thank you for your excellent and prompt service. I hope I will not need to use your service again, but if I do, I will certainly contact you immediately!Regards,R. Lyndn Burnm Jr

I received the PCB, changed it and... surprise, works!!!!!! After eight years...Thanks for your attention.Now, I want the following PCB:

Hi, I just received the circuit board and screwed it all on and BAM! My hard drive is full of life again! I knew there was nothing wrong with the platters, I knew it!

Thank you so much for selling this! The most unlikely piece that I thought I would never find! You have saved years of photos and archives of work. I even e-mailed Seagate for this part and they told me that it was not possible and I had to pay 500-800 to recover it! Moral of the story: listen to your heart.You have saved all that data and a perfectly good hard drive that has been a loyal piece of technology from being discarded.1 million trillion thank yous.Antoney.

Thanks so much for your service. The part arrived yesterday. I installed it with no problem. Once I ran chkdsk, I was able to recover all the data on the drive.You guys rock.Thanks!

Thank you! the object has arrived today, as a Christmas gift! HD has also begun to function. Thanks again and happy holidays! Ligi Pngue- Italy

The board worked great.  Thanks. Was able to save a lot of memories.  Are you in Washington state? Doug

I do backups but I am lazy and don't do them often enough on my wife's desktop. Recently, something went terribly wrong with her computer and the smoke came out of all the components. I could visibly see a burned out component on the hard drive circuit board. Even the CD/DVD player was ruined. This computer is where we store all of our family pictures. I have some of them backed up on DVD but what a hassle to restore all these. I ordered a PCB from HDD-Parts. The shipping was great. I received the board in three days. They even included a Torx tool. Installation was easy and I had the hard drive back in the computer and copying files to a new hard drive within 15 minutes of bringing the new PCB in from the mailbox. What a relief! Thank you HDD-Parts for great products and fast shipping. I will recommend you to all my techno friends.

I was able to recover my data from 10 years ago! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! GREAT SERVICE GUYS!

The part arrived and resolved the problem.Thank you. Mori

I received the cloned controller board this week and was able to retrieve the data from the disk!! Thanks for helping make this a successful recovery.Dave Aarney

Hello ! I Received the Board and It Works!!!!! Thank You Very, Very Much For Saving My Life!!

Best Wishes, Ricrdo Siva Veoso.

I just wanted to send you guys a big THANK YOU! The PCB arrived yesterday, and once attached to the drive everything spun up perfectly!First-class everything, all around. I couldn't be happier, and will certainly recommend you to anyone in need of your services.Thank you, Jese Wrley

Hi, I got it.
I must congratulate you, because your great and perfect work!! I am so happy with my drive rebirthing. Let me know in some future case, if you have a bacukp of my firmware Saluos cordiles      Miuel